useful links

  • MediCare

    The Official US Government MedeCare Website

  • Department of Labor

    The U.S. Department of Labor regulates federal laws such as ERISA



  • Department of Motor Vehicles

    Services provided by DMV offices include Vehicle Registration, Driver License and Identification (ID) Card Processing




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our mission statement

It is our mission to efficiently coordinate the best services possible and provide the most accurate information , such that we may continue to provide the best results that our clients expect and deserve

Jamie D. Hernandez, CFP®



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some background about us

Jardez Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. has over 35 years in the business and our experience makes us your best choice.
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An organization with superior support staff, seasoned consultants offering special products and service. You will to receive the most professional and qualified information available, toward this end we have a six step method for addressing your Financial, Commercial and Business concerns.


Our primary goal is to foster the growth and preservation of Businesses by creating the most effective Risk Management, Employee Benefits, Retirement Planning and Business Continuation Strategies. We seek to become the largest Hispanic owned Financial and Insurance Services, Inc. Agency in California


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